Best Waterless Dog Shampoos (Our Top 5 Picks) – Updated 2019

Best Waterless Dog Shampoos

You’ve invited some important guests over and everything from dinner to the floor is in perfect condition. But 10 minutes before their arrival, here comes your cute little dog and bam! His fur smells worse than a garbage bin. Clearly, you don’t have enough time to bath and dry him up. Then you remember a waterless dog shampoo you had bought a few weeks ago. 5 minutes later, your dog is all freshened up and smelling great. Whoa! That was close! If you’ve ever messed up a perfectly set up dinner because your guests couldn’t stand the smell of your furry friend, then its time you considered getting a Waterless or Dry Dog Shampoo just to cater for such emergencies.

What is a Waterless Dog Shampoo and How Does it Work?

dry dog shampoo

Like the name suggests, a dry or waterless dog shampoo is a special kind of dog grooming shampoo that is made of oil absorbing properties such as clays and powders, which effectively absorb excess oils from your dog’s coat and freshens it up. Some of these shampoos are made with pH-altering components that keep off odor-causing bacteria and encourage the good bacteria to thrive, keeping your dog’s coat ever clean and healthy.

Dry dog shampoos are best suited for dogs that do not like water, making then a great convenience for both the dogs and their owners. The shampoos also offer great convenience in the times of emergencies or when you’re too busy to give your furry friend a full bath. And since you often bath your dog at least once a month, you can use a waterless shampoo to remove dirt and freshen up the coat in between baths. Additionally, if your dog gets dirty very often, a dry shampoo makes a quick and easy fix for cleanup.

 Note: You should not use a waterless dog shampoo to replace full dog baths or other conventional shampoos. It’s important to give your dog a full bath once in a while using the right shampoo to keep it clean and remove bad odor. 

Best Waterless Dog Shampoos

The pet care industry is saturated with a variety of good dry dog shampoos, but only a handful of them have garnered the most positive reviews from happy and satisfied dog owners. Here, we review the Top 5 Best Waterless Dog Shampoos that will leave your dog feeling clean and fresh in just a few minutes.

1. Paw Choice Dry Dog Shampoo, Waterless, No Rinse Foam Mousse

Don’t have time to give your furry friend a nice warm bath? Well, Paw Choice Foam Mousse Waterless Shampoo has got your back. This Mango+Pomengrate scented waterless shampoo will pull up any excess oils from your dog’s coat while deodorizing it for a sweet and fresh smell. The shampoo is specially formulated with coconut which makes it a mild and safe dog shampoo that works well for all dog furs, even those with highly sensitive skin. Thanks to its powerful antibacterial properties, this coconut-based shampoo will eliminate any bacteria lurking in your dog’s coat. You’ll also be happy to know that Paw Choice waterless dog shampoo is made in the USA with the highest quality ingredients and with high safety standards.

  • Fast acting dry shampoo for dogs that will eliminate excess oils and dirt from your dog’s coat in a few minutes
  • Great long lasting natural scent to keep your dog smelling good
  • Eliminates odor-causing bacteria in the coat
  • Made with high-quality ingredients
  • Made in the USA
  • Few complaints about the shampoo being too greasy
  • Some pet owners feel the scent is a little bit strong

2. Lillian Ruff No Rinse Quick Dry Waterless Dog Shampoo- Spray

lillian ruff waterless dog shampoo

If keeping fleas and ticks off your dog has always been a problem, you will absolutely love the Lillian Ruff No Rinse Quick Waterless Dog Shampoo Spray. This waterless dog shampoo has been specially formulated with coconut and lavender oils which act as powerful flea and tick repellents. Does your dog run away the moment you draw him a bath? Well, you don’t have to force him to. Lillian Ruff waterless dog shampoo provides you with a fast and easy way to keep your pet clean and fresh in between baths. And unlike other spray or foam shampoos, Lillian Ruff doesn’t need to be wiped off with a towel. Simply ruffle it up with a comb or using your hand and you’re good to go. If your dog has a dry or itchy skin, the shampoo is specially formulated with aloe which apart from moisturizing, it will also sooth its skin.

  • Keeps dog skin and coat clean, fresh, and healthy
  • Suitable for dogs with sensitive skin
  • A perfect remedy for ridding your dog of fleas and ticks
  • Sweet lavender scent all day long
  • Made using naturally-derived ingredients- no harsh ingredients
  • Made in the USA
  • No complaints with the shampoo so far!

3. Bodhi Dog New Waterless Dog Shampoo

As one of the highest-rated and best-selling dog shampoos on the market, you will absolutely love what the Bodhi Waterless Dog Shampoo has to offer. This shampoo doesn’t just remove excess oils and dirt from your dog’s coat, but it also untangles its fur, leaving it incredibly silky smooth and easy to brush. The shampoo is also formulated for sensitive skin, which makes it an excellent option for pets with skin allergies and other sensitivities. Unlike most dog shampoos in the market, the Bodhi Dog Waterless shampoo is 100% alcohol and detergent-free. It’s perfectly safe for use and its sweet Lavender fresh scent will keep your cute little friend smelling fresh all day long.

  • It’s a fast-acting and effective dog coat cleaning shampoo
  • Untangles your dog’s fur for a silky smooth finish
  • Specially formulated for sensitive dog skin
  • Suited for all types of furs
  • Works great for cats, kittens, horses, rabbits
  • Some dog owners feel it doesn’t clean as well as water-based shampoos

4. Wahl Natural Pet No-Rinse Waterless Shampoo

Give your dog’s coat a clean and healthy look Wahl Natural Pet No-Rinse Waterless Shampoo. This waterless no-rinse dog shampoo is specially formulated with plant-based cleansers including Oatmeal extract which helps remove sooth your dog’s damaged skin. It’s the perfect solution if your dog has a sensitive skin. In addition to giving your dog a clean coat, this Coconut Lime Verbena-scented dry foam shampoo will leave him smelling all nice and fresh. If your furry friend has a highly sensitive skin, you will be happy to know that Wahl Natural Pet No-Rinse Waterless Shampoo is Alcohol, Paraben, and PEG-80-free.

  • Keeps your dog’s coat looking its best
  • Easy to apply and massage
  • Has a pleasing fragrance for a lingering scent on dog’s coat
  • Gives your dog’s coat a smooth and silky shine
  • Soothes itchy skin
  • Some dog owners feel that the scent is too strong and dissipates rather quickly

5. Vet Recommended Waterless Dog Shampoo

The Vet Recommended Waterless Dog Shampoo gives you the convenience of giving your dog a clean and fresh look in between baths with just a spray and wipe. If your dog is always running up and down in the outdoors, you will need something to remove the dirt and any accumulated oils from its coat. Vet Recommended Waterless shampoo just what you need. The shampoo is quite mild and doesn’t not contain any harmful substances like alcohol, detergent, or animal by-products. If you’ve recently applied flea treatment on your dog’s coat, the shampoo won’t interact with the treatment. It’s gentle and perfectly safe. Simply spray and wipe your dog with this nice-smelling dog shampoo for a clean, fresh look all day long.

  • Easy to use- simply spray, wipe, and allow to dry
  • Cleans the skin and coat, and eliminates bad odor
  • It’s a mild and natural apple derived formula that is perfectly safe to use
  • Gives off a fresh apple scent
  • Suitable for all dog hair fur and sensitive skin
  • Does not contain harmful substances
  • Some owners feel the scent is quite strong


Maintaining a clean coat in between baths can be hectic, especially if your dog is the outdoorsy type. But thanks to waterless dog shampoos, you don’t have to worry about dealing with unpleasant smells all day long. Hopefully, our comprehensive reviews of the Top 5 Best Waterless Dog Shampoos will help you choose one that suits your furry friend’s hygiene needs.