Best Dog Bath Tub Options (Updated 2019)

If you have landed on this page you probably have heard a little bit about the Booster Bath Elevated Dog Bathing Tub and are looking for a Booster Bath review.

For the unfamiliar, the Elevated Pet Bathing Tub​ is a product from Booster Bath that is a convenient bath tub for dogs. It is portable, easy-to-use, and saves you a bit of hassle during bathtime.

​The version supports a maximum weight of 125 lbs. If your dog is heavier than that consider the Booster Bath XLarge edition.


Booster Bath Elevated Dog Bath Tub Features

Sometimes giving your dog a bath can be a major hassle and a pain (literally!). The Booster Bath Elevated Dog Bath Tub hopes to alleviate all the pains of giving a dog a bath. The first part of this is the portability of the product. You might not want to get your bathroom all dirty from your dog and need to take him or her outside. And if your dog is unable to keep still during bath time, this can become an issue.

The Booster Bath is easy to move and setup and can be stored anywhere. The legs effortlessly snap on and off so you don’t waste anytime setting up or breaking down the bath. They also have a rubber bottom so they don’t move around while you are washing your dog. The legs do not come unattached when you are finished so you need to store the product as pictured.

Elevation off the ground will save you from bending over and causing any back pain. The bottom of the tub is 19″ off the ground. Couple that with the height of your dog and the cleaning will be done at a very convenient height.

Another feature of the Booster Bath Elevated Dog Bath Tub is the fan nozzle attachment for your hose. The bathtub itself comes with a place to latch the attachment onto which will allow you to always know where the hose is at and prevent you from bending over and picking it up each time you need to use it. There is also a caddy for the dog shampoo so you can also keep track of where that is located as well. The Booster Bath also includes a drain hose that you can point anywhere so one section of your lawn doesn’t get flooded. If you are looking for something that uses less water and creates less of a mess, we suggest you check out the Bissell BarkBath Bathing System.

While these are all great features for you, we haven’t mentioned anything about why this product is beneficial for your dog. Here are all the features that make this product great for your dog:

  • ​No Slip Rubber Mat. Like the name suggests, this mat takes up the entire bottom of the tub and prevents your dog from slipping anywhere. This is much better than most bathtubs where dogs are very likely to slip if they are moving around.
  • Attachable leash and collar. If your dog doesn’t enjoy bath time or just moves around a lot, the Booster Bath provides a leash and collar to prevent your dog from moving around too much.
  • Open Entry for Easy Access. Your dog can jump into and out of the bathtub with ease. If you have an older dog or one that isn’t as springy, you can purchase the bath steps separately. You can also purchase the XLarge Booster Bath Tub which includes steps.

Booster Bath Elevated Dog Bath Tub Video

Check out this video below to see the Booster Bath Elevated Dog Bath Tub in action!

Booster Bath Elevated Dog Bath Dimensions

Total Dimensions 45″ x 21.25″ x 15″
Leg Height 19 inches
Opening Width 20 inches
Total Height 32.25 inches
Max Dog Weight 125 pounds

Booster Bath Elevated Dog Bath Review

The Booster Bath Elevated Dog Bath Tub is currently the highest rated and best selling dog wash tub on

Overall, the Booster Bath Elevated Bath Tub does an excellent job of what it is intending to do – expedite bath time and save ​you from back pain. However, not all of the Bath Tub reviews are 5 stars. Let’s take a look at what the customers are actually saying about the product:

The Good:

Durability – The tub is sturdy and able to support large breeds including Border Collies and German Shepherds. High quality product that stands the test of time.

Time Saving – Assembly is quick and the four legs snap into place in just a minute. You also save time during the bath by keeping your dog in one place and knowing where the shampoo and hose are at all times.

No Back Pain – The elevated height of the tub allows you to wash your dog without bending over. You are able to wash your dog pain-free!

The Not so Good:

Durability – Durability is also a common complaint in the negative reviews. There are even instances of the tub collapsing! However, the majority of reviews agree that the product is sturdy and very stable. Be sure to follow the directions when snapping the legs into place.

Deceiving Height – Customers complained that the tub wasn’t as height as it looks. The bottom of the bath is 19″ off of the ground. You then have to factor in the height of your dog to determine the height you will be washing at. The top of the tub is 34″

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the tub metal or plastic?

The tub is plastic. This includes the legs.

How does the water hook to the tub?

You have to provide your own hose.

Is it easy for dogs to escape.

No. The tub comes with an adjustable collar that is attached to the tub.

How long is the drain hose?

Roughly 5 feet

Booster Bath Elevated Pet Bathing Large
  • 2 piece quick-snap tub and quick-snap legsPortable and lightNew two piece quick-snap tub
  • Dimensions: 45" x 21.25" x 15"
  • 19 inch leg height, 20 inch U Entrance, 32.25 inch total height when assembled
  • Leg Foot Print - 27" x 48"
  • 125lbs max weight capacity

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